SCPro™ Fundamentals

CSCMP and the Center for Supply Chain Education at Broward College have partnered to deliver the SCPro™ Fundamentals Certificate program. Through this program you have easy access to online education in the eight cornerstones of Supply Chain Management, to prepare for the corresponding exam. The online content includes interactive activities to help reinforce the concepts, with online practice quizzes. Each course includes a PDF of the entire curriculum, including practice quizzes, ready for printing if that suits your learning style. Certificates are awarded by CSCMP.

The SCPro™ Fundamentals program is perfect for anyone looking to break into the supply chain field and learn the foundational concepts of the end-to-end supply chain.  

Each knowledge area below can be completed as an individual certificate or all eight can be completed for a comprehensive certificate.

Knowledge Areas Covered:

Eligibility Requirements: None

Exam Format: a 40 multiple-choice exam with a time limit of 90 minutes.  All exams are completed online with a virtual proctor.

Maintaining Your Certificate: Once earned, the SCPro™ Fundamental certificate do not expire or need renewal at any point.

Colleges and Universities Offering SCPro™ Fundamentals

  • Broward College
  • Columbus State Community College
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • Hudson County Community College
  • Kyiv Logistics School
  • Long Beach City College
  • Miami Dade College

  • Ohio Dominican University
  • Polk State College
  • Rowan College at Burlington County
  • Southwestern College
  • St. Petersburg College
  • Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
  • Tri-County Technical College
  • Union County College

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