Hot Topics are written by a leading expert, thought leader, and/or researcher and focus on newly emerging research from CSCMP or other organizations; hot trends and emerging industry insights; and/or journal articles that expose a new perspective or finding that has emerged as a critical issues.  Hot Topics provide a quick way to keep up with a changing supply chain management industry and marketplace.  

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  • The Link Between Data Governance and Digital Transformation
    Learn more about the benefits of instituting a strong data governance program and how it lead to long term customer loyalty. Case in point: Georgia-Pacific recently overhauled its program using global data standards to more effectively prepare to meet the company’s digital transformation goals.
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  • The Future of Distribution to Support E-Commerce
    The change in retail business models is beginning to force changes in supporting distribution models. Consumers are now expecting very short delivery times in terms of a few days to a few hours. In this Hot Topic written by Jack Peck, President at FastFetch Corporation, learn about the past and present characteristics of e-commerce and how proper distribution channels will assist in the future.
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  • Uniting the Retail Supply Chain by Sharing Trusted Data
    Since the smartphone became an essential part of daily life, retail companies have been challenged by the real-time demands of hyper connectivity. In this month's Hot Topic written by Susan Pichoff, Senior Director of Apparel and General Merchandise at GS1 US, learn about the Chain Integration Project and how its research will make the retail community better equipped to make decisions about blockchain and prepare for a successful implementation.
  • Navigating Trade Tariffs
    The global tariff environment is constantly changing, creating a high risk impact for companies affecting their international supply chains, financial exposure, long standing business relationships and sourcing strategies. These changes can also result in trade compliance consequences with enforcement and regulatory government agencies. In this Hot Topic written by Melinda Damico Executive Vice President at Vandergrift - a Maersk Company learn how, companies can cope with these dynamics in a way that doesn’t disrupt their business models.
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  • Evolving Threats on the Open Seas
    The majority of the world’s goods are shipped via ocean vessels and as the maritime industry becomes increasingly reliant on technology and data, there is a notable increase in cyber risks. Convincing shipowners that information security is worth the investment is challenging because security is an investment for long-term profitability.
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