Hot Topics are written by a leading expert, thought leader, and/or researcher and focus on newly emerging research from CSCMP or other organizations; hot trends and emerging industry insights; and/or journal articles that expose a new perspective or finding that has emerged as a critical issues.  Hot Topics provide a quick way to keep up with a changing supply chain management industry and marketplace.  

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  • End-to-End Supply Chain Management: Building An Enhanced Customer Experience

    As supply chain disruptions have taken center stage, so too has the conversation about end-to-end supply chain, what it means and how it is managed. These conversations are now mainstream, being had by consumers, financial institutions, investors, governments, and retailers alike. The importance of a dynamic, nimble, and visible supply chain is becoming a competitive advantage to deliver a superior customer experience, as consumer spending habits change, disrupting traditional revenue streams.

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  • Driving Toward a Circular Economy: How supply chain transformation supports sustainability

    How can business leaders think about sustainability in this moment, while attending to more immediate, survival-mode issues of basic commerce? Explore how supply chain transformation supports sustainability in this article from Melanie Nuce, senior vice president of innovation and partnerships, GS1 US.

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  • Supplier Viability: Are Your Suppliers Prepared for a Downturn?

    With a potential economic downturn in 2023, taking a look at your supplier base to assess critical supplier long-term viability is imperative. Jason Juds developed a framework to assess, measure, and identify options for mitigating these supplier viability risks.

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  • Opportunity Knocks: The Case for Logistics Organizations and Sustainable Leadership
    Sustainability is a driver for organizational growth and profitability. That statement may have seemed dichotomous at one point, but it's possible to thrive as a business while creating positive social and environmental impact. They aren't competing goals. In fact, an organized, authentic, and mission-driven approach to sustainability can improve an organization's balance sheet, day-to-day operations, ongoing consumer demand, and future longevity. In this Hot Topic, presented by Gebrüder Weiss, learn how logistics organizations are in a unique position to embrace a leadership role in sustainability.
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  • The Evolution of the Transportation Broker through AI/ML/RPA
    In this Hot Topic written by Jeff Lantz, Co-Founder of Prosponsive Logistics, learn how the brokerage evolution has resulted in a hi-tech broker/3PL model that collects data to drive efficiencies and automate manual tasks along the way.
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