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  • Don’t Start a Supply Chain Machine Learning Project Before Reading This
    Nowadays, machine learning seems to be everywhere you look, from television commercials and supply chain conferences to university degrees. But despite its buzzword status and the fact that it’s been around since the late 1950s, this technology is still shrouded in mystery for many supply chain practitioners. According to Gartner, “While machine learning promises transformational benefits in the supply chain, current expectations of short-term readiness and benefits remain unrealistic.”1 In this hyped-up stage in technology maturity, it’s crucial to be well informed so you can see beyond the headlines and apply the technology correctly to solve business problems and deliver real value.
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  • Improving the Odds of Delivering Measurable ERP Benefits: Seven Steps to Success
    Deriving value from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) transformation is not an unrealistic goal. What is troubling, however, is how many firms fail to realize any top- or bottom-line improvements from their ERP transformations; according to Gartner, up to 75% of these do not meet their objectives. Based on this disconcerting trend, Liberty Advisor Group has developed an ERP benefit process and tracking asset to consistently identify, scrutinize, and validate opportunities.
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  • Why The Barcode Has to Evolve
    In an age when consumers expect to be able to access real time information about the products they buy, the time has come to rethink the role of the U.P.C. barcode, and help industry adopt robust two-dimensional codes that provide dynamic information instantaneously through a single smartphone scan. Retailers and brands should collaborate to uncover any gaps in their supply chains now to prepare for a future of digital consumer engagement via product packaging.
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  • Human centric design
    Attracting and retaining quality labor is one of the biggest supply chain challenges companies face today. The question is "what can or should we consider doing differently?". This position paper reflects on a number of ideas that companies can employ to help with this challenge.
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  • nVision Global Contract Management
    A contract management tool provides the ability to store and manage a shippers pricing rates/tariffs. Having a tool that is integrated to a TMS gives ability to auto rate to ensure routing guide is followed that drives efficiency and reduced freight spend.
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