Hot Topics are written by a leading expert, thought leader, and/or researcher and focus on newly emerging research from CSCMP or other organizations; hot trends and emerging industry insights; and/or journal articles that expose a new perspective or finding that has emerged as a critical issues.  Hot Topics provide a quick way to keep up with a changing supply chain management industry and marketplace.  

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  • Smarter Supply Chains for an Unpredictable World
    The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed supply chain vulnerabilities that exist in virtually every sector industry. It has demonstrated that even a small disruption in the intertwined, multifaceted modern supply chain can have dramatic effects. In this Hot Topic written by IBM Institute for Business Value learn about the most effective strategies in navigating the correct responses to disruption
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  • How Can a TMS Help You Manage Your LTL Spend?
    In these uncertain times, knowing if my rates no matter the mode/service type are competitive or not is vital. Working with a company that has the real-time data, globally and for all modes/service types can drive an end result showing rate comparisons. By getting this information you are now positioned to work with your providers on go forward rates for the balance of the year and well into the next year. This benchmarking project can lower freight spend and potentially improve capacity and service. Dave Maddox, SVP Global Supply Chain Sales, nVision Global.
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  • Want to Lower Freight Costs? Look to Your Routing Guide
    After a volatile spring, the summer saw a tightening freight market. This has led to a spike in truckload prices and a rise in contract tender rejection rates. Getting reliable coverage from backup carriers can lower your overall freight spend significantly. In this Hot Topic written by Convoy, learn how they have utilized dynamic pricing to customers that guarantees coverage within the routing guide to reduce a reliance on the spot market.
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  • Transforming Business Ecosystems with Blockchain
    Supply chains today are increasingly complex and subject to unforeseen disruptions and growing costs. Visibility is limited as goods move from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer , and transactions are often still paper based. In this Hot Topic written by Paul Chang, IBM Global Blockchain Industry Leader, learn how blockchains are best suited for collaboration, data sharing and visibility across the entire supply chain ecosystem.
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  • Deliver on customer promises: What B2B companies should know
    Whether you're in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, assemble-to-order, logistics, the aftermarket segment, or the emerging area of servitization, your customers have high expectations and complex requirements. In this Hot Topic written by Henry Myint, IBM Sterling Executive Architect, learn what it takes to get it right and successfully deliver on customer promises while building trusted relationships.
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