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  • Dropit: Pioneering Supply Chain Resilience Amid Global Trials

    The global supply chain landscape of 2024 is a tapestry of challenges and opportunities. The recent years have seen an array of disruptions that have tested the resilience of global supply chains, including the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and environmental concerns. Amidst these challenges, the role of advanced technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), has emerged as a linchpin for creating resilient, efficient, and sustainable supply chains.

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  • 2024 Parcel GRI Exposed: FedEx & UPS Secrets You Should Know

    The looming 2024 General Rate Increase (GRI) is almost here. Small package shippers around the United States are bracing themselves for one of the biggest price hikes we’ve seen in years.

    When it comes to parcel, it's easy to play defense. Carriers make changes, shippers make reactionary moves to help offset said changes. A never-ending cycle. But there's a lot more to this reactive pattern that meets the eye.

    Shippers, especially in today's parcel market, can play offense.

    Continue reading and we'll break down the 2024 GRI and uncover what carriers might not be eager to disclose to shippers like you.

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  • The Warehouse of the Future Has Arrived

    One of today's most exciting applications of technology is in computer vision systems inside warehouses. Smart cameras capturing data and images can improve quality, productivity, and worker safety.

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  • Charting the Course: Leveraging Greenhouse Gas CO2 Monitoring In an Increasingly Stringent Regulatory Environment

    As regulators strive to decarbonize the maritime transportation sector,
    shippers need reliable emissions monitoring now more than ever. In this
    article, we'll delve into the evolving regulatory landscape and the pivotal
    role that effective Greenhouse Gas CO2 Monitoring plays in the transformation.

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  • Leveraging GS1 Standards and 2D Barcodes to Ensure Food Safety Compliance and Consumer Transparency

    In an era where food products are distributed globally, the vital need to maintain food safety is increasingly complex. A collaborative effort involving all stakeholders in the supply chain - from growers to retailers - is crucial to ensure the integrity of the food supply. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a pivotal role in governing the movement, production, sale, and service of food products, with a primary focus on preventing and mitigating the occurrence of foodborne illnesses. Last November, the FDA introduced the Food Traceability Final Rule (Final Rule), an essential step in enhancing traceability for high-risk food categories historically implicated in outbreaks.

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