Hot Topics are written by a leading expert, thought leader, and/or researcher and focus on newly emerging research from CSCMP or other organizations; hot trends and emerging industry insights; and/or journal articles that expose a new perspective or finding that has emerged as a critical issues.  Hot Topics provide a quick way to keep up with a changing supply chain management industry and marketplace.  

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  • The 360 Degree Approach to Business Continuity Planning

    Business continuity planning helps strengthen a company’s foundation to minimize the impacts of disruptions, absorb its aftershocks, and implement new solutions nimbly and effectively. Learn the “Four A’s” of risk assessment for today’s supply chain, how to categorize risk, and the keys to business continuity planning success.

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  • Slash Fees and Turn Demurrage Into an Advantage

    Vizion CEO Kyle Henderson writes about the leverage shippers, freight forwarders and others in the supply chain space now enjoy. Given falling rates and demand, shippers can now negotiate more demurrage time while also using direct connections to ports and terminals worldwide to monitor a container's transition from sea to land — and retrieve that container before demurrage charges begin.

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  • Unlocking Value in Today's Disruptive Trends: Increase Customer Value and Drive Competitive Advantage for Distributors

    The idea of leveraging supply-chain data is not new, but connecting systems and data beyond the four walls unlocks new forms of value. Operating at market speed powered by enabling technology to gain rich insights of the suppliers, customer, and market is critical for distributors as they navigate a market in near-constant disruption.

    In this article, KPMG US leaders discuss key trends facing businesses today, considerations to help organizations advance, and which levers to pull when working with distributors.

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  • How Does Process Automation Simplify, Standardize, and Streamline Transportation Management?

    Learn how implementing SAP Transportation Management and SAP Event Management helped United Sugars streamline its transportation business and achieve 90% process automation. Today, United Sugars is dedicated to on-time deliveries that meet or exceed customer expectations, as well as supporting other efficient business processes that save time and valuable resources. With distribution being a critical component, the company sought modern technology solutions to boost accuracy and speed up its shipments.

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  • End-to-End Supply Chain Management: Building An Enhanced Customer Experience

    As supply chain disruptions have taken center stage, so too has the conversation about end-to-end supply chain, what it means and how it is managed. These conversations are now mainstream, being had by consumers, financial institutions, investors, governments, and retailers alike. The importance of a dynamic, nimble, and visible supply chain is becoming a competitive advantage to deliver a superior customer experience, as consumer spending habits change, disrupting traditional revenue streams.

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