Hot Topics are written by a leading expert, thought leader, and/or researcher and focus on newly emerging research from CSCMP or other organizations; hot trends and emerging industry insights; and/or journal articles that expose a new perspective or finding that has emerged as a critical issues.  Hot Topics provide a quick way to keep up with a changing supply chain management industry and marketplace.  

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  • Supply Chain Security: How to Improve Digital Resiliency
    In an increasingly interconnected world, it is more important than ever to evaluate the digital resiliency of an enterprise - the capability to withstand and operate right through a cyber threat or a verified incident.
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  • Six Reasons Why I Am Forecasting a Recession for 2020
    Are we headed for a recession? Many leading indicators point to 'yes'. In this article, Chief Economist, Noel Perry, looks at six of the reason a recession is likely, some potential good news, and what happens if there is no recession.
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  • The AI Revolution. Coming to Transform Your Business Network
    Supply chain plays a critical role in delivering on your company's brand promise. But optimizing for success can be daunting - especially in the face of changing customer expectations, competitive landscapes, extreme weather, and geopolitical disruptions. To help, we've identified the top five technology trends that will shape the supply chain of the future - from AI to blockchain to intelligent order management. In this Hot Topic written by Lori Webber, Chief Marketing Officer at IBM Watson Supply Chain, explore the key innovations that will help you stay a step ahead of the competition today, and future-proof your supply chain for the long term.
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  • High Tech & High Touch-Bridging the Gap for Customer Success
    Logistics services providers are faced with finding a balance with technology and live customer service. The industry has become ripe with automation, however, you can’t automate complicated logistics processes and issues. In this article, you’ll discover the sweet spot between high touch and high tech service.
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  • The Building Blocks of Block Chain
    With blockchain fatigue setting in, it’s difficult for supply chain professionals to determine an effective path forward for implementation. GS1 US collaborates with brands, retailers, and technology providers to better understand blockchain in these early stages of development, and have offered tips for those committed to doing their due diligence. Read how GS1 Standards can help increase the chances of blockchain implementation success, and they can help companies achieve supply chain visibility for key use cases such as traceability without blockchain. Authored by: Kevin Otto, Senior Director, Community Engagement, GS1 US