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  • Mexico’s Nearshoring Potential: Opportunities and Risks

    To say the past three years have been challenging is an understatement. Supply chains were exposed, causing constant and frequent disruptions. We continue to see many markets return to a higher level of normalcy, but there continues to be a sense of trepidation. What have we learned in the past three years? What can be done differently to build more impactful risk mitigation and resilient supply chains? One possible solution is nearshoring.

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  • July Super-Seasonal Volume Bounce Not Enough to Raise Rates

    FreightWaves CEO and Head of Freight Market Intelligence discussed unusual freight volume trends in retail supply chains during the latest FreightWaves State of Freight web event. John Paul Hampstead, strategic analyst, recaps the discussion to highlight the most important items for supply chain professionals.

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  • Navigating Cost and Scalability Challenges

    The past four years have been a whipsaw for transportation managers. Jim Blaeser, Chief Procurement Officer at Omni Logistics writes about how shippers can navigate challenges in an unpredictable market which includes understanding the fundamental drivers of transportation cost, relationship management, and technology.

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  • Connecting Great Shippers with Great Carriers

    For too long, we have been solving supply chain issues with transportation. Unfortunately, this was the only option for many – but that doesn’t mean it’s sustainable and cost-effective.

    Leading organizations need to change and adopt new best practices to stay competitive and profitable.

    John Graham, Strategic Sales Director at BM2 Freight Services, teaches you the basics of working with third-party brokerages in this thought-piece written from his extensive industry expertise.

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  • Opportunities for Freight Technology in Any Economy: Embracing AI

    Innovations in transportation management systems (TMS) paired with API connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics will be essential for increasing visibility across the supply chain. That visibility combined with improved customer service and the creation of collaborative opportunities for well-positioned tech companies will help them standout against the challenges of current freight environment.

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