2020 Third-Party Logistics Study Webinar


• Dr. John Langley, clinical professor, supply chain information systems and director of development, Center for Supply Chain Research at Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University
• Sylvie Thompson, supply chain practices leader, North America, Infosys Consulting
• Joe Carlier, senior vice president of global sales, Penske Logistics

• When shippers turn to 3PLs for supply chain improvements, what is their biggest need? That would be technology. Top 3PLs have already built out a robust tech infrastructure that contains the right tools for the job.
• What are top challenges in the modern supply chain? E-commerce growth; economic uncertainty; the truck driver shortage; disruptive technologies; relationship necessities, namely supply chain alignment strategies; and competitive challenges.
• How analytics fit into the supply chain. In the study 95% of shippers and 99% of 3PLs agree that analytics are a necessary element of 3PL expertise. But, only 26% of shippers and 27% of 3PLs are satisfied with current analytic capabilities.
• Why is there an analytics gap? A big roadblock is when the shipper and 3PL are not in total agreement on a strategic plan on the best use of analytics: what is the need and how to best serve it? Many shippers currently employ legacy systems.
• As geopolitical volatility affects global operations, supply chain finance is becoming critical.

**This session is for CSCMP and NASSTRAC members only. Any rebroadcast, retransmission, or reporting of this webinar presentation, without the express written consent of CSCMP is prohibited.**


2020 Third-Party Logistics Study Webinar
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Open to view video.