Case Study: The Forecasting Challenge for EC-Creamery

Upon completion of this case analysis, students will be in a position to: 

  • appreciate the challenges of forecasting and demand planning/management in an organizational context and how they can be addressed via sales & operations planning; 
  • deal with inaccurate or incomplete data to develop forecasts; select and implement appropriate forecasting techniques; 
  • explain and defend their choices in a coherent and compelling manner; 
  • and make relevant recommendations to senior management based on their findings.


Case Study: The Forecasting Challenge for EC-Creamery
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Open to download resource. EC-Creamery is an Eau Claire, WI based dairy processor selling yogurt products throughout the Midwest region of the U.S. Inaccurate forecasts have wreaked havoc in the company, leading to frequent stockouts and creating operational challenges. Your task is to draw on the information you obtain from your colleagues to develop sales forecasts, document your choices and procedures and share your thoughts and insights on issues related to forecasting and sales & operations planning.