Strategic Supply Chain Management

Applying Supply Chain Strategies: Making Your Supply Chain a Competitive Advantage 
is an intermediate workshop designed for leaders facing the challenge of making supply chain relevant to overall business success. It is intended to be cross functional in nature, valuable both for leaders in the supply chain, and leaders outside of the supply chain (engineering, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, facilities, manufacturing) who seek to tap the power of supply chain excellence to deliver competitive advantage.

Content and Benefits

Supply chain excellence leverages core competencies to deliver profit.

True supply chain excellence is the management art of identifying the right core competencies, and understanding how these competencies can be aligned in a coherent supply chain strategy to drive competitive advantage.

Benefit from learning the finite list of value propositions that supply chain excellence can deliver, in terms any professional can understand. In addition, attendees will learn:

  • How elements of supply chains interact, both within and outside the organization
  • How to think about supply chain strategy in the context of overall business strategy
  • To collaborate more effectively with colleagues outside of supply chain functions
  • To communicate supply chain solutions and value to senior leadership
  • To comprehend supply chain impacts and relevance in other functional areas


This workshop is composed of two to three days of topical sessions, supported by case studies and exercises, exploring the breadth of supply chain and its relevance to the overall business. The sessions are highly interactive, and teaching points are supported by specific and relevant real world examples, led by recognized experts in the field. Faculty members are able to adapt and focus on your specific industry, or to include special attention to specific industry or geographic issues.

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